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-NEW NVENC with Apex was no better! with NVENC I stream at 6000bitrate, 1280x720, keyframes 2, Quality preset, High profile, B-frames 2, 60 fps, GPU 0. For the New NVENC I changed Quality to Max and left it at quality to see if I would get any change, they both are bad. I enabled Look ahead and psycho visual tuning to see a change and nothing. OBS Studio is software designed for capturing, compositing, encoding, recording, and streaming video content, efficiently. It is the re-write of the widely used Open Broadcaster Software, to allow. 25/02/2019 · So it's just becoming Streamlabs OBS? I don't really see the point in there being two of them. The only feature I found missing from Streamlabs OBS that I missed was the ability to add a VLC playlist which I could do with OBS Studio. Besides that, is there any reason for this? 12/03/2019 · I posted this issue a couple weeks ago in the OBS forums and have received zero help so I thought I would try here. The new NVENC with OBS 23.x.x. is either bugged or broken. I cannot stream at 720p60 or 1080p60 using OBS with the new NVENC or the old NVENC. I get encoder overloaded errors and the output framerate drops into the 20's. I have.

New version available: OBS Studio 23.0.1 Hotfix 23.0.1 Hotfix Changes Fixed a program freeze that could happen when the Logitech G HUB plugin is installed Fixed a bug where if Mixer auth fails, it could reload the login dialog numerous times Fixed a bug where users with very old graphics adapters would have green video. OBS Studio underpins various sources, including media documents, recreations, site pages, application windows, webcams, your work area, receiver, and the sky [] OBS Studio 23.2.1 It is the re-compose of the generally utilized Open Broadcaster Software, to permit much more highlights and. New version available: OBS Studio 23.2.1 23.2.1 Hotfix Changes Fixed a crash that could happen with the popular third-party obs-ndi plugin Fixed the tray icon being shown even when the tray icon was disabled in settings Fixed a display bug with sources when a custom color was applied to.

OBS Studio เวอร์ชัน 23.0 ตัวเต็มออกแล้ว รองรับ NVENC เต็มรูปแบบเพิ่มการเชื่อมต่อกับ Twitch ง่ายขึ้น. February 26, 2019. มาแล้วครับ OBS Studio 23.0.0 เวอร์ชันเต็ม ถือว่าออกมาอย่าง. Salut à tous. Alors voila depuis hier je fais des tests de stream avec obs studio. Possédant une Nvidia je me sert du codec Nvidia Nvenc afin de pouvoir faire un record 1080p/60fps et un stream 720p/60fps, me permettant de beaucoup moins faire travailer mon CPU. Bonsoir, je viens poster une message ici car je ne trouve pas de cas similaire sur Google ou autre. J'ai un problème avec OBS, quand je lance un stream avec l'encodage NVIDIA NVENC, j'ai qu'un écran noir, j'ai bien le son mais pas d'image, et le bitrate réceptionné par twitch ne dépasse pas 200kbps.

OBS Studio 23.2.1 hotfix changes: Fixed a crash that could happen with the popular third-party obs-ndi plugin Fixed the tray icon being shown even when the tray icon was disabled in settings.Note on the new NVENC Encoder: - The New NVENC Encoder is only supported on Windows 8 and Newer. - Current GeForce GTX GPUs, 600-Series and newer with NVENC, will see improvements with these optimizations. - GeForce RTX GPUs will also see an improvement in encoding quality on top of the optimizations. The QSV encoder is for built in graphics. הורדות שירים, באתר שלנו תוכלו למצוא המסלולים ההורדה ושירים הפופולריים ביותר, הורדה היא מאוד קלה ופשוטה, במקום אחד להורדה שירים את כל המוזיקה וכל הקטלוגים אלבומים Obs X Nvidia Best Obs Settings 2019 V 23. Why should you care? The answer is simple- OBS Studio 23.0's NVENC encoding is a MAJOR upgrade to the quality of your stream. The new NVENC encoding is going to increase the quality of your stream in a significant manner. You can expect to see more FPS, less CPU/GPU usage, and improve the quality of your stream. This is important as it will. A new implementation of NVENC has been added which has improved performance, reducing system and resource impact. To enable, go to Settings, Output Tab, and in Encoder select Hardware NVENC New. Note that the new implementation is not available on Windows 7 due to limitations in the operating system; the old implementation will be used.

The new OBS Studio, version 23.0, will leverage the NVIDIA Video Codec SDK, which will greatly improve performance and reduce the FPS impact of streaming and recording. We have also tweaked some of the background settings of NvEnc to improve quality, especially for the RTX 20-Series GPUs. We have collaborated with OBS, the industry-leading streaming application, to help them release a new version with improved support for NVIDIA GPUs. The new OBS Studio, version 23.0, reduces the FPS impact of streaming by up to 66% compared to the previous version, meaning higher FPS for your games. 11/02/2019 · I did some tests yesterday and didn't expect that. Yeah NVENC vids look way crisper and retain more detail. Yeah that twice the size and bit rate but even CQP 23 on NVENC looks better than CQP / CRF 18 on X264 which makes the file size about the same. OBS Studio ออกเวอร์ชัน 23.0 RC1 รองรับ NVENC รุ่นใหม่ของการ์ดจอตระกูล RTX แล้ว เพิ่มการรองรับหน้าจอแชทจากบริการต่าง ๆ ได้โดยตรง. February 12, 2019.

Les fonctionnalités offertes par OBS Studio 23.0.1: Utilisation de l'encodeur H264 x264 et AAC. Prise en charge d'Intel Quick Sync Video QSV et NVENC. Source illimitée. Live streaming RTMP-basé à conTraction, YouTube, DailyMotion, hitbox et d'autres. Sortie sous forme de MP4 ou FLV. Ceux qui s’essayent au streaming peuvent profiter dès à présent de l’optimisation du NVENC sous OBS Studio 23.0, votre processeur vous remerciera ? Accueil Catégories FAQ/Charte Conditions générales d'utilisation Politique de confidentialit é. Powered by Discourse, le.

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